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Host Papa is not only on the forefront of web hosting, they are one of the leading hosting services using sustainable business practices. Host Papa purchases green certificates to offset the traditional power used in their offices and data centers. They return the grid compensating power through the use of green energy for the server system.

Through the use of green energy, web pages hosted by Host Papa are working to minimize the carbon footprint. There are a variety of services included with the hosting packages and include an easy to use control panel, web data transfer, domain registration and no cost domain for life and instant web host activation as soon as payment is processed.

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Host Papa includes easy to use website creation tools that will help a customer expedite the creation and upload process of a web page. The tools include the applications including email, email scans and spam assassins as well as back up data for the protection of the web site and data.


Web hosting packages support international domains, sub domain names and domain forwarding. It also includes multiple domain support, domain register and DNS management and domain transfer. For database fans, Host Papa includes MySQL 5.1 and phpMyAdmin databases. Host Papa also includes programming options to allow websites greater flexibility.

The web building tools include the Quick Start Wizard that helps the website owner get the web site up and running quickly. Standard package features include image galleries, content management, form mail capabilities, design templates, forums and blogs, and message and bulletin boards. Host Papa also includes multimedia capabilities including MIDI files, flash files and downloadable video and audio support.

Protection of customer data is of the utmost importance. Host Papa has the necessary hardware in place to perform data back up’s on a daily basis. The saved data is stored in a remote location to provide future restoration of the data, if necessary. Customer service is available 24 hours per day by telephone, instant message, email and online chat. The support staff provides help if questions or problems should arrive while using the hosting service.

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