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Host Monster, based in Utah, began offering hosting services in 1996. They have been setting the fast pace of the hosting industry, always offering state of the art service and applications and options. Host Monster has transformed into a block buster hosting service and is always on the cutting edge of service within the web hosting industry.

Host Monster has thousands of clients and hosts in excess of a million web pages. Host Monster prides itself on offering an affordable service to fit almost any budget and website goal. Host Monster has a variety of extended features , as well as a number of standard features, included with each account and includes unlimited bandwidth and web space and domains, international domain support, secure email POP#’s and IMAPS, email support and email forwarding and support.

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The most important feature and most useful, according to Host Monster customer’s is the simple to use website builder. It uses the pick and click and drag and drop method. Website owners or web master’s can create and design an attractive and effective web page and it is ideal for the beginner website builder. The website builder also utilizes the WYSIWYG feature. WYSIWYG is “what you see is what you get” and allows the web builder to see the website as it is progressing. Host Monster also includes a few bonus features that include message boards, social media interface, forums, email and email list generator.

Ecommerce site owners will find such capabilities ideal for running a successful ecommerce site. The options include the Agora shopping carts, SSL secure server and checkout and payment options. Other options include certificate generation, password protection for directories and open PGP/GPG encryption.

Host Monster has made customer service job one. The latest and greatest equipment guarantees 99.9% uptime, which is good news for ecommerce sites. Host Monster monitors their data and uses a backup system for the protection of customer’s web pages and data. Servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Host Monster has set the bench mark very high for web hosting services. Host Monster leads the pack in service and still remains competitive in price.

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